Bellarine Community Farmers Market

The Bellarine Community Farmers Market is held every third Saturday of the month, from 9am-1pm.

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We asked Sally to tell us about her success, here is what she had to say:

“I was very mindful initially of picking a date that would not clash with other markets around on the Bellarine as I believe there’s a place for all types of markets, especially when they’re so supportive of the local community in general.

I would also add that I have a very active facebook site for the market, which is a great, relatively free form of advertising, or for market and stallholder updates and sharing of like-minded information in the fresh food industry etc.

I have been really happy with the market progress over the last two and a half years, and although at times the challenges of being a full time mum, maintaining the market founding principles and being the sole owner/manager have been a juggling act, I feel it’s grown proportionately with the general public interest and patronage and is becoming one of the better-known and respected markets on the Bellarine.

My main point of difference is that it is a produce-only market (with the exception of plants & flowers) as we already have other well establised combined Sunday markets that have arts & craft with some food.

Also the fact that I don’t necessarily believe bigger is better – I want my stall holders to have a chance at a great sales day instead of competing with two and sometimes three other stalls of exactly the same product.  It’s a tough gig to keep both the patrons and stallholders happy, but I feel like I’ve kept a pretty good balance so far. 
I also encourage two-way communication between my stallholders and I – building that relationship of trust and respect takes time and is also something I’m very mindful of.  My husband and I were stallholders at markets ourselves for over 15 years so that intimate knowledge of market management and the background workload that goes into actually setting up on market day has, I believe, made me a better and fairer manager because of this. 

I also love being able to give back to the community – I don’t have any extra funding or assistance, this is something I have established under my own steam (with the loyal support of my husband and kids of course!) so to be able to successfully run it, as well as support OG Park Inc., lots of different not-for-profit community groups, local busineses/farmers/producer, plus be a minor but important advocate and sounding board for the local environment at large is something I’m really proud of. 

Now that both the kids are at school, I have lots of new ideas I would like to implement for the market in the future – phase one was getting it going, growing it slowly but surely (I started with five stalls and am now regularly getting between 20-25 stalls of good varitey and quality produce) but now I’m well and truly ready for phase two. 🙂 “

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