OMG Decadent Donuts

PO Box 378
Ocean Grove, 3226

Hi there, we  are based in Ocean Grove and currently do a range of markets around the bellarine.

A bit about OMG – We make amazing vegan, gluten free and nut free donuts onsite, then dust them in a range of sugars that are made from fresh fruits and spices. (12 flavors in total.)

The donuts are delicious on their own but are made even more decadent by being dusted in a unique selection of bespoke sugars which have been infused with dehydrated and ground whole fruits, spices and even vegetables.  Of course, the traditional cinnamon sugar is top of the popularity list but the 11 other fun and unique sugar combinations are big hits as well.  These sugars include Beet-a-licious which is beetroot, coconut milk, cinnamon and ginger, Berry Sinful – fresh raspberries, cacao, coconut milk, salt and chilli, Dusty Queen – featuring cinnamon and naval oranges, Spicy Ranga – ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, cloves and coconut milk and Coffee Coffee Yum Yum. All the fruits, spices and veges are locally sourced and infused with Bundaberg sugar.

We have a massive following within the vegan community, as well as people who are suffering gluten, egg, dairy and nut allergies, and we would love to bring our scrumptious donuts to anything you might be cooking up.