The B.E.A.R project aims to replicate the success of similar projects in Australia and abroad, and bring it home to Ocean Grove. The process for this is detailed below:


To stimulate local economic and employment development by growing and retaining existing businesses.



Short term:

  • To demonstrate and communicate community support for local business.
  • To raise the profile of Ocean Grove businesses.
  • To discover the concerns, successes, needs, issues and aspirations of local businesses.
  • To better understand the business needs and expectations of the community.
  • To encourage new ideas in terms of business, community and employment development.
  • To respond to immediate business concerns.

Long term:

  • To enhance the appeal of local businesses and minimise economic leakage from the local economy.
  • To identify windows of opportunity for new business creation, growth, matchmaking and networking.
  • To design and implement strategic action plans for community and economic development.
  • To create a broad based community coalition to sustain long term economic and community development efforts.



(Methodology will be modified and expanded as the Project evolves)

  • To formulate, conduct and analyse a Business Visitation & Survey project as recommended by BEAR Program guidelines.
  • To identify themes, issues, problems and opportunities arising from this initial project.
  • For each major theme identified, establish a working party to respond to the issues, problems and opportunities relevant to that theme.
  • To identify and conduct other appropriate actions to meet the Program’s goals and objectives.


Latest information on this project can be found in the downloads section.